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I moved my important .co.uk domains to 123-reg today (the rest will follow later). There are a few how to invest in PayPal shares reasons behind this, but the main thing is that I heard about a clause in the Fasthosts registration agreement that says that anyone with sufficient information about a registrant can, in theory, complain about a domain, and by default, Fasthosts will suspend it. I don’t want that, really. 

There’s also the fact that when I contact customer support, I rarely get the answer I want, it takes up to 3 emails to actually get something useful, sometimes. 

The transfer was fast and painless, and I will move the rest of the domains sometime in the next few weeks. I’m also buy PayPal shares thinking of buying a couple of new ones, but more on that if and when I do.

Note: Here’s a reference for the problem I said I Fasthosts had.

I’ve decided that I’m going to learn how to use the codeigniter framework, because it looks like something that I would benefit from knowing, and that would make any coding I do quite a bit easier. (0)

Are BigMarketingOnline Liars?

I think so, anyway. Look at their website, bigmarketingonline.com, and see their feed count. It looks like this:
feedburner count
High numbers, eh? Well, let’s look at the actual count, through Feedburner, shall we?
This is the feedburner link, and the difference is quite large. Oops.

I don’t normally write about that, this is the first time, but I can’t see why someone would do that, 5** is PayPal shares a reasonable count, why pretend to have 12,000 ?

Thanks to Don for the hat-tip :)

The Dovey Chart

Today I sailed in the Dovey Chart, a special ‘fun race’ held once a year where I sail. Unfortunately, I don’t have any photos (I’m hoping to get some from the safety boat guy), but it was really good fun.

Basically, the race deviates from pretty much every sailing rule there is, the objective is to get around a mark (buoy) and come back as fast as possible, via any method, provided you don’t use an engine or wheels. We ended up running along the shore with the boat alongside a lot, because it was faster than trying to sail in the conditions.

In the end, we (myself and the person I sailed with, Tom) won by quite a convincing margin, after battling more or less every other boat (team?) that entered. It was amazing fun.

Hopefully, when I get hold of Des, I’ll be able to post some photos either in this post or seperately, and then you’ll get a bit of an idea of how it all worked. It was a lot more fun than it sounds, honest ;)

Using S3

A while ago, I wrote a post about my thoughts on S3, a storage service from Amazon. Well, now I’ve decided that I’m going to setup some / most of the images from GPearce to load from S3, for two reasons. First, images seem to load faster from S3 than they do from the server I’m on at the moment, and two, because it’s very, very cheap, and it’ll reduce my costs when I move later this year to a pay as you go VPS (bandwidth wise). 

In the next few days, images will start loading from s3.gpearce.info , hopefully quickly - I’m playing with geo stuff so I can have some people loading from the EU datacenters, but that’s not looking hopeful right at the moment, I don’t know enough about it. Maybe in future.

I’m also looking at making an automatic backup plugin for Wordpress that puts backups onto S3, which will be a mix of two plugins, but I’m not doing that until I’ve got lots of spare time on my hands :P

MobileMe Status On Twitter

I’ve setup an account on Twitter that is dedicated to finding the latest MobileMe status updates, and posting them to twitter. It can be found here, and I made it because I figured that someone (other than me) might find it useful.

It uses TwitterFeed to check the RSS that Apple provided every now and again, and then posts information and a link. 

So, go follow!